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Guidance for Executives in Transition

Speaking to Executives

Transitions, whether anticipated or unplanned, by choice or otherwise, can be complicated and stressful. Executives have devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to developing their careers. They have made a tremendous investment that has often involved long-term planning and sacrifice.

Transitions can be disruptive and challenging. They can also be truly meaningful, and even exciting to take on. Since executives are no strangers to hard work and perseverance, they tend to excel in transitions of all kinds.

Based in Lafayette, California, I provide support to executives and their families before, during, and after transitions. 

Planned or Unplanned Job/Career Changes:

  • Changing Direction within a Career
  • Changing Careers Altogether

Planned or Unanticipated Retirement Planning:

  • Elective or Mandatory Early Retirement
  • Retiring After a Full Career