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Guidance for Musicians Finding Balance and Navigating Transitions

As a former professional violinist, I am passionate about working with musicians who have suffered an injury, who are considering a new line of work or are looking to develop more balance within themselves, with their instrument or in their musical lives.

Based in Lafayette, California, I provide ongoing support and guidance for musicians at all levels.

  • Temporary Injuries from Which You Expect to Make a Full Recovery, or Injuries from Which You Anticipate Partial Recovery with the Possibility of Resuming Playing at Some Level
  • Permanent or Career-Ending Injuries

Finding and Maintaining Balance:

  • You love music and you love your instrument. You also know that finding and maintaining balance within yourself and with your instrument leads to your greatest health, happiness, and long-term fulfillment. Developing and sustaining this kind of balance is a practice enhanced by attention over time. It also fits well within and has a positive impact on your musical training and performance.

Retirement and Transition Planning:

  • Making Changes in the Direction You've Been Going (Such As From Primarily Playing to Primarily Teaching or Managing Orchestra Personnel)
  • Changing Careers Altogether
  • Retiring from a Music Career