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Athletes in Transition

Athletes In Transition

Athletes work incredibly hard over many years to develop their skills. They make many sacrifices in order to put in the time needed to achieve their goals. This focus makes them extremely good at their sport. Yet if an injury occurs, or even in the course of normal aging and consequent changes in ability to play at the level they’re used to, having had that single minded focus on one thing can leave the athlete with fears about who they are without that sport, what they can or should do with themselves if they aren’t practicing, training or competing, and how they fit into the world if they aren’t the athlete they’re used to being.

Transition Planning for High School, College, Elite, or Professional Athletes:
  • Making Changes in the Direction You've Been Going with Your Sport (From Playing to Coaching or Coaching to Returning to Playing)
  • Making Decisions About Athletic Scholarships
  • Transitioning Between Different Sports
  • Retiring from Your Sport


• Temporary Injuries From Which You Expect to Make a Full Recovery, or Injuries from Which You Anticipate Partial Recovery with the Possibility of Rejoining Your Sport at Some Level
• Career-Ending Injuries

Finding and Maintaining Balance:

You love your sport. You love being an athlete. You also know that finding and keeping balance within yourself and with your sport leads to your greatest health, happiness, and long-term fulfillment. Developing and maintaining this kind of balance is a practice enhanced by attention over time. It also fits well within and has a positive impact on your training and performance.

Group Staff Training or Individual Consulting for Coaches:

  • Assessment of Your Athletes' Psychological & Emotional Health
  • Help With Language to Talk with Your Athletes About Goals and Career Decisions
  • Team Cohesion
  • Staff Relations
  • Team Transitions
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