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Athletes and Coaches

Guidance for Athletes, Dancers, and Coaches in Transition

Based in Lafayette, California, I provide athletes, dancers, and their families and coaches with consultations and support before, during, and after transitions.

Transition Planning for High School, College, Elite, or Professional Athletes:

  • Making Changes in the Direction You've Been Going with Your Sport (From Playing to Coaching or Coaching to Returning to Playing)
  • Making Decisions About Athletic Scholarships
  • Transitioning Between Different Sports
  • Retiring from Your Sport

• Injuries:

Temporary Injuries From Which You Expect to Make a Full Recovery, or Injuries from Which You Anticipate Partial Recovery with the Possibility of Rejoining Your Sport at Some Level

• Career-Ending Injuries

Group Staff Training or Individual Consulting for Coaches:

  • Assessment of Your Athletes' Psychological & Emotional Health
  • Help With Language to Talk with Your Athletes About Goals and Career Decisions
  • Team Cohesion
  • Staff Relations
  • Team Transitions
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