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Life Transitions

Life Transitions

There’s the adage that “the only constant in life is change.” This seems all fine and well- except that change, whether planned or unexpected, can be disruptive, confusing, surprising, and sometimes frightening. Humans tend to gravitate towards stability and predictability, and we often are not huge fans of disruption- especially when we don’t know what might happen next or how things will turn out.

Transitions are the phase of change where we are in the middle- between where we’ve come from and where we’re going. They are frequently the period of least knowing, of feeling the least in charge of ourselves and our lives. Transitions are also often the phase where we can be very creative, make significant choices for ourselves, and pursue new paths.

I like helping people move through transitions that occur in every area of life- from work and career, to family and relationships- whether folks have planned for those transitions or the change has come upon them by surprise. Beginnings, middles and ends of things in life all involve transitions, and each of them gives us opportunities to traverse those phases with thought and care for ourselves.

Work related transitions can include things like: Starting a job, changing roles in a job, ending a job, retiring from a career, starting a new business, or returning to school for more or different education.

Family and relationship transitions can include things like: Entering a new relationship, getting married, becoming pregnant or beginning the process of adopting a child, ending a marriage, sending children off to college or other adventures, or deciding to take on the care of family members.

Whatever kinds transitions you may find yourself in, there are ways to move through them in ways that help you not only get through that phase but also grow and thrive.